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Artisan dips &


This is salsa as it should be.

At Salsa Stories we produce mouth-popping, restaurant-style, Texmex-inspired salsas that are dairy free, gluten free, low calorie and don’t compromise on flavour. Convenient and versatile our salsa dips are perfect for partying and can also be used as a spread, condiment, marinade or dressing to add some POW to whatever’s cooking.


The story so far

At Salsa Stories we are passionate about flavour. Our range of fresh and saucy salsas are based on a recipe from our founder Julie McCalden’s childhood in the States. With nothing comparable available in the UK, Julie used the recipe as a flavour map to create a range of salsa sauces to launch this side of the pond. These salsa dips make banging snacks and add lip-smacking flavour and a punch of heat to your favourite recipes. 


Salsa Stories Ltd

Julie McCalden, Founder


Unit 5, Lawrence Hill Industrial Estate

Russell Town Avenue

Bristol, BS5 9LT


07816 760353


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