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  • Why can't I just buy 1 salsa?
    Our minimum orders are set at 5 x 200g salsas because of the cost of shipping. Because our salsas are fresh they require special packaging which can keep them chilled in transit as well as next-day delivery. Both of which are pricey! Shipping costs between £8 - £12 so you would be paying £12 - £16 for 1 x 200g salsa. I mean, I know my salsas are worth it - but I think most people would like more bang for their buck!
  • Why do I have to pay for shipping?
    I know, I hate paying for shipping too! When we're a bigger company and we can negotiate on shipping costs I promise I will revise this, but until then your £3.99 contritbution to shipping helps to meet me about halfway. Our shipping costs between £8 - £12 for each package so I am subsidising the costs as much as I can for you.
  • Do you sell to retail and wholesale?
    Yes! You can buy my 200g tubs of Coriander & Lime Salsa and Chipotle Salsa for retail. I also provide 2.5ltr containers for food service. I ship nationwide. No minimum order for the first order. Then moq's of 24 tubs or 2 x 2.5ltr containers. Please contact me for details:
  • What are your refund and returns policies?
    Find out about our refund and returns policies.
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