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It all began sometime around 1995 – although I didn’t know it then. My Dad lived in the States and I would spend every summer there with my brother and sister in Virginia.

There was an unforgettable Texmex restaurant that we shared a lot of meals in. It was a loud and lively place, festooned with pinata’s, music from mariachi bands and an array of colourful clientele. I remember an elderly couple asking me if we wore jeans in the UK yet (it was before the internet)!

You know in America, when you go to a restaurant, they give you something as soon as you sit down to keep you happy? Well in this place they’d give you a basket of tortilla chips and a tiny bowl of the most delicious salsa.

The place was renowned for it and they even sold it in jars to take away.


I used to think about that salsa all year long. There was nothing like it in the UK (until now).

And then sometime in the 2000’s the restaurant closed down. But I never forgot the taste of that salsa.

When my Dad died suddenly in a thunderstorm in 2019, I started thinking about the salsa again; food and memory are closely intertwined.

Then lockdown came and I decided to set about recreating it. Salsa Stories was born and my Coriander & Lime, Chipotle and Tomato Salsas are the result. Fresh products, made from quality produce that take me right back to my childhood.

I hope you will create your own memories around these exceptional flavours.


The Story So Far...

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