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Mix and match 5 or more fresh salsas

Coriander and Lime Salsa

A fragrant and zingy salsa packed with fresh coriander and lime, sprinkled with Mexican oregano and finished with a punch of heat. More than just a dip - use Salsa Stories’ Coriander and Lime Salsa
as a marinade or condiment, stir it through a chilli or drizzle it over brunch.


Chipotle Salsa
A deep and complex tomato salsa layered with coriander, lime and the smoky overtones of chipotle chilli. Salsa Stories’
Chipotle Salsa is perfect as a dip, BBQ marinade or hot sauce - dollop it, spread it, dip into it, dress with it or use it as a condiment to enhance a meal.


Tomato Salsa 

A classic ‘restaurant-style’ tomato salsa, flavoured with citrus and Mexican oregano with a medium heat that will surprise you at the last moment. Complex and versatile, use this fresh and spicy tomato salsa as a dip for nachos or a condiment to liven up whatever’s cooking.

Tomatillo & Avocado Salsa
Based on an authentic Texmex recipe, our Tomatillo & Avocado Salsa is a zippy, spicey treat for your tastebuds! Jalapeño peppers provide a decent kick, avocados add a touch of richness, while zesty lime makes it sing. Use it straight up as a dip, bring some punch to your brunch, pep up your lunch or add some POW to whatever’s cooking.

Beetroot Salsa
The most unusual of our range of fresh salsas, Beetroot Salsa combines the heat and zing of a traditional salsa with the sweet, earthy notes of beetroot. Use as a dip, a dressing for salads or roasted veg, or to liven up your sandwiches and wraps. We love it on a falafel!



From £19 (£3.80 each) with a yearly subscription.


With five utterly banging flavours and weekly UK-wide delivery (always in time for the weekend!) Salsa Stories fresh salsas are surely the best salsas to buy online?!

Their 28-day shelf life means our fresh tomato-based salsa dips will last for about a month (if they last for more than 5 minutes that is). (They go with everything!!). We make them fresh each week and ship as soon as possible after they’re chilled.


These complex, Texmex-inspired salsas are ‘restaurant-style’ – read: fresh and saucy – which means they are super versatile and can be used as a spread, marinade, condiment or dressing – as well as a dip.

They are the perfect pairing for Mexican and Texmex cusines, (tacos, nachos, fajitas, burritos, empanadas, chimichangas, quesadillas…).

But don’t feel limited by this because they compliment so many other types of dishes; stir them through a stew, liven up a soup, dress a spicy salad or slaw, add some POW to your sandwich or some BANG to your breakfast. Use them as a pasta sauce, a filling for a jacket potato, a marinade for whatever’s BBQing…

Or just devour them with a massive bag of crisps!

Keep refridgerated.

Try our Chipotle SalsaCoriander & Lime Salsa and Tomato Salsa.

You can also opt for a Salsa Subscription for a fresh delivery every month at check-out! 🌶💥

Salsatastic! 🙌

Salsa Bundle x 5 salsas

Price Options
One-time purchase
3 Month Salsa Bundle
Subscribe and save 10%
£20.25every month for 3 months
1 Year Salsa Bundle
Subscribe and save 15%
£19.00every month for 12 months

See individual listings for full ingredients lists.

All salsas:

May contain traces of Mustard, Sesame and Celery.
Are made in a kitchen that handles Gluten.

For allergens see ingredients in bold.

  • Suitable for vegans.
  • Store upright in your fridge below 5°C.
  • Once opened keep refrigerated.
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